About Shawn

I am an American artist living and working in San Francisco, California. I enjoy combining my passion for fine art, design, pop-surrealism and visionary art with a fascination of nature, science and religious mysticism to create images the push the viewer into an unfamiliar world. I enjoy exploring the imagination and encourage viewers to get lost in the pieces and see if they can derive personal meaning from the works.

Recently I have been exploring the idea that creativity is something that is channeled through the artist - not necessarily something the artist is wholly responsible for. I enjoy the thought of the artist being a conduit for ideas and images that exist outside the physical realm. It is these ideas and images that wish to manifest through the artist process to make themselves known that I try to represent in my work.

My works have deep personal meaning, but I always enjoy hearing the ideas that the pieces evoke in others - I think this is the most powerful thing artworks can do. I am happy to explain works to those who are interested in my stories and ideas - and equally happy to let the work live ambiguously as visual tools to help others on their journeys.