Burning Man 2017


Burning Man - What Where When - Cover Illustrations/Design

Working with the theme of Radical Ritual I created the front and back cover designs for the ‘What Where When’ guide of events given to all the participants of the Burning Man festival upon reaching the greeters at the main entrance to the event. I wanted to create something that felt like a mystical and magical tome - similar to a spell book or religious text. I tried to keep everything ambiguous in regards to the images I used, while still giving a dogmatic sensation to the viewer. Burning Man means so many different things to people, I wanted a canvas to project meaning and ideas upon. All interpretations of this piece are correct and incorrect concurrently.

The quote on the back was one that I wrote down in a notebook years ago while reading ‘Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge - By Jeremy Narby’. I liked the quote a lot and felt like this was a great time and place to use it.