Burning Man 2018


Burning Man - What Where When - Cover Illustrations/Design

Working with the theme of I, Robot I created the front and back cover designs for the ‘What Where When’ guide of events given to all the participants of the Burning Man festival upon reaching the greeters at the main entrance to the event. For this theme I wanted to create something that felt both futuristic and old at the same time - and something the melded human and machine. The overall look was heavily influenced by ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. I really like how the bright lights used in that film help overwhelm the dark void of space - I found this to be a parallel to how I feel at night on the playa. The map of Black Rock City becomes a halo around the man where center camp feeds into the top of the head of the Man. A power button resides over the human heart of the man. The circuits represent the people and places overlaid on the halo map.

It was important to me to include a tribute on the back to Larry Harvey, one of the original founders of the event. I thought it would be awesome to use just a silhouette of his head in his signature hat, as he moves towards the light in front of him with his creation at his side.